how to choose a domain name for a blog


how to choose a domain name for a blog

choosing a and getting it registered is the greatest task which we think about the most,yeah! i know not all the time domain name you want is available ..and if you are thinking about generic domain name then lets forget it … those generic domain names are sold for keep your other option open .but today in this post am gonna list the thing …. i think is essential to get your


what you want to do in your blog is the most important thing you should consider while choosing the name of your want something which would clear state the purpose of your blog.take my blog, for example ,the winged eye witch ,what do it comes to your mind?exactly something girly and beauty related



this comes when you have some domain name idea.donot immediately go and grab it ..give it some time to chew it and get used to it before registering it may so happen that the domain name you liked yesterday you may not like today

some people may not agree with this ides but I know what I am saying …trust me

been there done that got a credit card bill to show for it yeah I have failed blog


you have a blog and you want to express yourself that means that the thing exists in your daily life .so why don’t you get inspired with it like ,again keeping my domain name as an example the two thing I love the most in the world is makeup & books, my blog name came from both of them

you see I love winged eyeliner and I am a huge fan of “the harry potter series” that combine I came up with the idea of “the winged eye witch”


getting a good domain name is not enough there are million of people out there and is there a guaranty that the idea you got is not already touched some other person’s brain …for that case keep an alternate name in mind …think about both of them and at the end the name you like the most go for it
if the plan A .i mean the original domain name is can go for plan B

and if at all you are confused about it give the option to you friend …you will know what you want not because you friend will choose one but in your heart, you would want him or her to choose the one you like then you will know your answer



the last step technically the first is to register with the registration company …there are many of them out there new ,old and with the good reputation ..choose according to your requirement …I like to keep my domain name and web hosting in the same place because it less hassle (less password to remember)
I am personally using ewallhost although it relatively new but there have some good offer and excellent customer support and live chat and trust me. i tried them out a bunch of time with the silly question also

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