SEO: everything to know about anchor text


depending on what you browse and wherever you browse anchor text perpetually looks to be a confusing part of .some folks say obtaining lots of anchor text during a post will build that post rank high on search engine other say to avoid an excessive quantity of anchor text because it will get your website banned prohibited by search

what an anchor text:

Anchor text refers to the visible, clickable words or image used to link one web content to a different.
for example Pinterest
you see the word “Pinterest” Pinterest highlighted in blue …that blue text that if you click can take my Pinterest account profile

how to create an anchor text:

anchor text are often created by two-way manually and by directly linking personal I like direct on ’cause not that genius with HTML and also it save plenty of your time

manually :

for adding anchor text manually you need only a simple HTML code which is like this

<a href=“the URL”>the text</a>

<a href= is the start of link tag ..remember you should alway close the tag with a closing bracket
“the URL” is the referral location in simple term the link of the page you want you visitor to see
> closing tag
the text …this is the text your highlight for showing the link
</a>closure of the link tag

visually :

during this method all, you would like is to highlight your anchor text and go and click on on the link icon on the toolbar there you paste your link and do not forget to check the box for open in next tab and link add a link and you have got your anchor text created
ono of  the advantage of this technique is that if wanna link internal link (get there in a very while) you may not choose the link from a separate page it already there within the suggestion

what are the type of anchor text

mainly this text are classified in top 2 categories internal and external

internal link:

an internal link could be a link you provide to your visitor to read other pages on your website.where there would find reliable content just like your current page content .this help in SEO to know your website structure and importance and relevancy of each and every page

external link:

this link send the visitor to {another|to a different} website like relative content on people websites like  your social media link or affiliate link having an external link is as necessary as having the interior link

a person should always have the balance of both the text

how to choose an anchor text

relevancy of the content:

using the word that has no relevance what so ever won’t facilitate your case, you need to have a brief however descriptive anchor text like around three words just about that
explain the purpose of your link
don’t use and irrelevant link that might not go well with
the user likewise because it may also have an effect on your bounce rate


if you’re unsure what ought to be your anchor text you must alway attempt to your keyword, insert the keyword in such the way that it look natural

same link

avoid giving out a constant link in a post repeatedly, it are often marked as spam .as google will term it as manipulative and also bear in mind that google solely take a link once, therefore, keep your best foot forward and link the sturdy anchor text together with your link initial

avoid unnecessary link:

avoid having the unnecessary link it can’t go well with google and also use image link only if it’s a necessity otherwise come with the text link

descriptive and short

should offer the basic plan, is that google will take it in his face valve

generic anchor text isn’t a good idea:

by generic text I mean the text we tend to typically see on shopping website this are no smart ideas it doesn’t describe your purpose for the link
some of the standard samples of this are click here, go to, go here

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