what are keywords ( for beginner)

“the road to success is always under construction ”


If you have no idea what is then this is for you …earlier I didn’t have any knowledge about SEO and other blogging related terms … and trust me this was the main reason why my earlier blog was failed ..but this time I wanna to do it right and also wanted you guys to come along with me on this journey

so …now we are learning about what actually is keyword and what type of keyword we find out there on  the web

what’s keyword:


keyword in simple terms is a words or phrases people are searching for …that’s related to you niche.keywords are also consider as one of the most important parts of SEO.


keywords research is the analysis of searching trends and volume across all search engine in other terms it tells you what your audience is looking for ..you will be able to know what’re there searching and ..and how much



  • we will be able to see what’s growing in our field (niche) and valve of which keyword is decreasing
  • we will be able to know what are the exact word audience are using to find that particular topic
  • keyword help us prioritize our post according to the audience requirements
  • without a keyword, it would take us  a lot of money and time to rank in search engines



 :the head keyword:

this is the one-word keywords..this type of keywords are mostly dominated by big sites .this kind of keyword has big demand as such it’s better to concentrate on the other two types of keywords


This kind of keywords is usually two to three-word keywords usually, this type of keywords defines our niche that could be anything like  life hacks ,etc

although this is also competitive but if you keep up with your website you will get there ..so you have a good change ahead of you

:the long tail keywords

long term keyword has more chance in searching engine ..this is more three-word keyword

WHAT’s a perfect keyword for you

when you are searching for a perfect keyword you need to have the certain keyword you need to consider some things

  • your keyword should have volume (at least 500 or so
  • you keyword should be a body type keyword for a long type keyword because head keyword could turn in lost cause
  • your keyword should have a stable trend it should either be moderate or upward
  • you need to get paid for what you do right so it should have any commercial valve or informative valve
  • you need to have low competition


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